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The Lane PTA is excited to offer an after school enrichment program for its students! We have three exciting sessions planned - Fall, Winter and Spring - with lots of great classes to choose from in each one. On this site you'll find all the information about program procedures, class descriptions and details you need to participate. Whether you are looking for sports, drama, arts and crafts, technology, science or hobbies, there's something here for everyone. 

Transition from school to enrichment program:

Students (including those enrolled in SACC) are dismissed with Walkers (before Bus students) directly to their enrichment classes. Instructors must be in their assigned location and ready to meet students when school dismisses at 4:05pm.

Please click on “View all Courses” button below during Open Registration to register. 

For questions about scholarships please contact

Intro to Game Design, STEM exCEL - $124

Intro to Game Design builds upon the fundamentals and concepts of game design within a real game engine many indie development teams currently use. Students learn to design and build their own game from the ground up, while learning 2D game art and programming logic with the engine’s integrated art software and easy-to-use events system, fit for beginners through advanced learners alike. Our instructors help students develop games individually, so students have the freedom to create at their pace while focusing on their creative interests. The final product is their own game that can be played on any computer, and the know-how to continue their game development at home.

This class may be tailored to work with younger or older students. With lots of hands-on activities and individualized attention, we make sure the students are able to absorb and retain the information in a supportive, interactive and--most importantly--fun way.

For each seasonal session (Fall, Winter & Spring), we recommend selecting 2 courses, a 1st-4th course and a 3rd-6th course. This is recommended to ensure you are providing a diverse offering to your community as well as providing full 1st-6th grade coverage which is especially convenient for multi-sibling households.

"Glee Club" Musical Theatre, Acting for Young People - $91

This program provides students with an opportunity to showcase singing skills in a fun, casual environment. Students will learn 3-4 songs in a variety of genres from today's pop songs, Disney, Broadway, and the golden oldies. They will also learn simple choreography to go with each song, culminating in a presentation for parents during the last class. No prior singing or dancing experience is necessary.

Nova Light Saber Training for Young Jedi, Nova Fencing Club - $172

Nova Light Saber is the class that you've been looking for. Train with our Masters and learn the Nova One Form of Light Saber fencing. Light Sabers and protective equipment provided. Light Saber Training for Young Jedi classes are grounded in the foundations of Kendo and the mysterious martial art from the Star Wars franchise. We use standard fencing gear currently approved by and meets all safety requirements of US Fencing Organization as well as additional protective gear specified by French Fencing Federation and LightSaber League. We use actual Light Sabers that are designed for the younger Jedi Padawan (Jedi-in-training). Classes focus on introduction and reinforcements of the fundamentals of Light Saber fencing including footwork, handwork, strategy and rules. Students will learn and reinforce various Light Saber fencing movements and actions and will learn new actions and combinations. These one hour classes include group exercises (katas) as well as drills in pairs and one-on-one sparring. Skills are reinforced with age-appropriate games and activities that build conditioning, speed and endurance while emphasizing critical thinking and quick decision-making. At the end of the session a tournament will be held at Nova Fencing Club, followed by Glow-in-the-Dark Light Saber Fencing. Nova Light Saber Fencing for Young Jedi is appropriate for both beginning and continuing Jedi Padawan.

Early Elementary Mandarin, International School of Languages - $181

ISL provides a well-rounded Mandarin program for those children in grades K-2 that are either starting to learn Mandarin or would like to continue adding to their knowledge of Mandarin. Apart from the language, children will learn some culture and traditions where Mandarin is spoken. During this program, students will be introduced to greetings and presentations, the characters, the family, the school, numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, animals, parts of the body and senses, professions, places in the city and many more!
Topics rotate each session; therefore, students who register for later sessions will learn something different each time. Each student will receive handouts that they will be able to use in class and at home!

Class sizes are small and taught by native speakers who are experienced teachers of the language and culture, engaging, fun and motivating. Student's diverse learning modalities are addressed through the following: Conversation, Music, Flashcards, Games, Videos, Art, and Storybooks. Instructors use every moment as an opportunity to motivate students to use and practice their speaking skills. During each program, we introduce a series of games and activities that develop the skills needed to learn a second language in a consistent and sequential manner.

After every class, parents receive an email from their teacher that includes what was done in class and if there is any homework for the week. This email also includes any ideas to use at home with your child in order to solidify what they are learning in class.

POP Golf, Overtime Athletics Fairfax - $97

POP GOLF programs are a great introduction to the wonderful game of golf. Our program has players implementing the skills they have been taught including GRIP, STANCE, AIM, SWING, and PUTTING. Players rotate through stations and contests that keep them fist pumping all day long. Players will “walk the course” to test their skills on the “SNAG Golf Trail” and the “Goofy Golf Putt-Putt Course” to see how they stack up. We have taken the fastest growing game in the world (GOLF) and made it “ready to use” for all beginners and youth players with our SNAG Golf Trail, and we have taken the most popular activity for kids (Miniature Golf/Putt-Putt) and put our own spin on it with our Goofy Golf Course. The combination is a hole in one!

Awesome Artists, Kids Create - $127

This fun and colorful program offers a wide variety of different Arts & Crafts projects to last the entire school year! Kids will engage in exciting art projects each week, exploring different materials, art mediums and techniques.