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Hayfield Elementary
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About Hayfield Elementary

The Hayfield PTA is excited to offer an after school enrichment program for its students! We have three exciting sessions planned - Fall, Winter and Spring - with lots of great classes to choose from in each one. On this site you'll find all the information about program procedures, class descriptions and details you need to participate. Whether you are looking for sports, drama, arts and crafts, technology, science or hobbies, there's something here for everyone. 

Transition from school to enrichment programs:

Students in kindergarten will be escorted to their class locations. All other students will be dismissed directly to their enrichment class locations. Students who attend SACC, will check-in with a SACC Staff Member and then proceed to their class locations.

All Hayfield Parents will need to create a NEW username and password

Class Description will ONLY be available once registration opens

Please click on “View all Courses” button below during Open Registration to register. 

For questions about scholarships please contact

For any other questions, please reach out to Lori at

Yoga - 

Storybook Yoga is for kids of all ages, designed to promote a love of movement, cultivate self-esteem and body awareness. Each class will tell a story and introduce thematic ideas such as peace, respect, gratitude, self-love and acceptance. We will practice multiple movement strategies as well as learn skills and techniques for self-calming and stress relief. Our goal is to develop strong minds and bodies while learning to release tension and relax.

Spanish - 

ISL provides a well-rounded Spanish program for those children in grades K-2 that are either starting to learn Spanish or would like to continue adding to their knowledge of Spanish. Apart from the language, children will learn some culture, and traditions where Spanish is spoken. During this program, students will be introduced to greetings and presentations, the alphabet, the family, the school, numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, animals, parts of the body and senses, professions, places in the city and many more! Topics rotate each session; therefore, students who register for later sessions will learn something different each time. Each student will receive handouts that they will be able to use in class and more! Class sizes are small and taught by native speakers who are experienced teachers of the language and culture, engaging, fun and motivating. Students’ diverse learning modalities are addressed through the following: Conversation, Music, Flashcards, Games, Videos, Art, and Storybooks. Instructors use every moment as an opportunity to motivate students to use and practice their speaking skills. During each program we introduce a series of games and activities that develop the skills needed to learn a second language in a consistent and sequential manner. After every class, parents receive an email from their teacher that includes what was done in class and if there is any homework for the week. This email also includes any ideas to use at home with your child in order to solidify what they are learning in class

Money Matters - 

Earn, save, spend, donate! Let's learn about money! This innovative class on financial literacy lays the foundation for healthy financial habits early in life, empowering students with the mindset to start making sound financial decisions. Role-playing and fun activities keep students engaged. Topics include budgeting games, currencies of the world, money math, prices and bartering, career day and more. Financial literacy is an essential 21st century skill that will benefit all students, no matter where life takes them.
"As important as reading and math and social studies and science are, I think today, more than ever, financial literacy has to be part of that! You have to start young. We have a state of crisis here. We have an emergency." Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Nov. 10, 2011.

3D Printing -

3D Printing is a premiere class that not only teaches students how to create 3D models from an artistic standpoint, but also teaches them from an engineering standpoint. Because the models will be printed, our instructors teach students what to consider in the construction of the model to produce the best-quality print. Students will observe a 3D Printer during each lesson to learn proper 3D printing standards and processes, all while creating their own models that will be printed for them. The course ends with students taking home their own accounts so they may continue modeling at home, along with at least 4 model prints they designed themselves during their time with us.

Science Wizards - 

Science can be quite magical! Use chemistry to make potions that change color and orbs that glow in the dark. Stand inside a giant bubble and learn the physics that make it possible. Use the powers of electricity and magnetism to make objects levitate. Capture a rainbow in a test tube and take it home!
As members of The Science Place research team, students receive junior scientist wristbands. When they successfully complete their science mission each week, they earn an insignia to add to their wristband. By the end of their session, they have a visual record of the science knowledge that they've gained on their expedition.

Parkour - 

Parkour is a training methodology which focuses on movement in both natural and urban environments. The focus is to move over, under, around, and through obstacles elegantly, and with efficiency.
It’s not strictly defined by any particular workout or conditioning regimen. It’s more about finding the way to keep improving and eventually reach your greatest physical potential. And that’s what makes it so great! Your only opponent here is yourself. Your competition is you!
So it does have its philosophical side, but here at Urban Evolution, we’ve come up a variety of ways to challenge you and hone your skills in a safe and fun environment. This includes some useful body-weight conditioning exercises, jumping and landing with precision, developing safe rolling habits, and numerous techniques for vaulting over obstacles.