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The Crossfield PTO is excited to offer an after school enrichment program for its students! We have three exciting sessions planned - Fall, Winter and Spring - with lots of great classes to choose from in each one. On this site you'll find all the information about program procedures, class descriptions and details you need to participate. Whether you are looking for sports, drama, arts and crafts, technology, science or hobbies, there's something here for everyone. 

Transition from school to enrichment programs:

Students in grades 1-6, including those in SACC, are dismissed directly to their class locations. Kindergarten students are escorted by a Crossfield Teacher or Student Patrol.

Please click on “View all Courses” button below during Open Registration  

All Crossfield Parents will need to create a NEW username and password if you did not register in Fall or Winter

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For any other questions, please reach out to Lori at

Soccer & Floor Hockey Combo - All Kids Sports 

This class will focus on the fundamentals of Soccer & Floor Hockey. Dribbling, Passing, Trapping, Shooting, Stick Skills & Defensive moves. Kids will enjoy playing & learning in a safe & fun atmosphere that includes "warm up games"& "drill stations". Each Class ends with live Scrimmages. Lots of Cardio, Team Play & Good Sportsmanship!

Each week classes will alternate between Soccer & Floor Hockey.

Sweet Treats - P.S. Karma

This is a cake decorating class that gives the students the opportunity to learn cake decorating and piping techniques. This is a fun and interactive class and it really builds the confidence of students. Students will receive their own cake decorating kit to use in class and to take home after the class sessions are over. This is a beginners class so there is no experience needed. Students will learn the basics of cake decorating, as well as how to mix colors to created different hues with icing. Students will decorate on cake rounds and Styrofoam cakes. No real cakes are used in this class.

Early Elementary Spanish - International School of Languages 

ISL provides a well-rounded Spanish program for those children in grades K-2 that are either starting to learn Spanish or would like to continue adding to their knowledge of Spanish. Apart from the language, children will learn some culture, and traditions where Spanish is spoken. During this program, students will be introduced to greetings and presentations, the alphabet, the family, the school, numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, animals, parts of the body and senses, professions, places in the city and many more! Topics rotate each session; therefore, students who register for later sessions will learn something different each time. Each student will receive handouts that they will be able to use in class and more! Class sizes are small and taught by native speakers who are experienced teachers of the language and culture, engaging, fun and motivating. Students’ diverse learning modalities are addressed through the following: Conversation, Music, Flashcards, Games, Videos, Art, and Storybooks. Instructors use every moment as an opportunity to motivate students to use and practice their speaking skills. During each program we introduce a series of games and activities that develop the skills needed to learn a second language in a consistent and sequential manner. After every class, parents receive an email from their teacher that includes what was done in class and if there is any homework for the week. This email also includes any ideas to use at home with your child in order to solidify what they are learning in class.

Yoga & Mindfulness - Warrior Kids Yoga 

Warrior Kids Yoga helps little yogis stay healthy, cope with stress and cultivate their inner strength both on and off the mat. What to Expect in Class Not your parents yoga—our programs have all the benefits of adult yoga but in a playful age appropriate way. During each class children will connect, breathe, move, and relax—playing games and having fun along the way. Our certified children’s yoga and mindfulness instructors foster resiliency in our students with a touch of grit and grace. Benefits of Yoga According to scientific reviews, children who practice yoga and mindfulness see improvements in: Regulation of emotions Concentration & memory Strength & flexibility Self-esteem

Hip Hop All Stars - Adrenaline Dance Force 

Adrenaline Dance Force brings an amazing hip hop class to you! Each class starts with a warm up line dance and stretching; leading into strength training, skills and a session routine. Our hip hop coaches are current or former college and professional dancers! Classes are divided by age levels depending on size. Our instructors incorporate age appropriate music and choreography while creating a fun, energetic experience! Each student will receive our annual tee-shirt and each session will conclude with a showcase for parents and friends!

Sports & Games Class - All Kids Sports 

Learn the fundamentals of a variety of team sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball and track & field. Kids will enjoy playing new games such as Rainbow Run, End-Zone Trappers, Battleship, Bye-Bye Tag and much more. Children can release some energy, get some exercise and socialize with other children. Values such as sportsmanship, teamwork and consideration of others will be stressed.

Crazy Concoctions - STEAM Kidz Lab

Have you ever dreamed of being a chemist? Do you enjoy making wild and wacky concoctions? Crazy Concoctions Class is just the place to begin your adventure into the world of chemical reactions. Young scientists will make pretend potions, amazing color-changing reactions, foamy fountains, frothy explosions, tie-dye bandanas, crystals and lava. Through hands-on investigation, we will explore pH, chemical and physical changes, density, precipitates, exothermic reactions, acid-base reactions, and so much more!

IMPROV - Acting for Young People

Actors will create short scenes, situations, and characters while focusing on listening, teamwork, and thinking on their feet! Using an age-specific curriculum, these theater games and activities are a ton of fun for students with any level of experience. Fun for those who want to try "acting without a script". Parents are invited to a performance on the final day of class.

Chess - Snow Chess Academy

A series of one hour session classes on learning and playing the game of chess for students. Fun, low pressure chess play and learning environment, supervised and taught by experienced US Chess federation members. Fundamentals of opening middlegame and endgame play are included. Ability to pay close attention is helpful.

Lego Jr. Structural Engineering 

In additional to teaching the core structural engineering concepts, this focuses upon the different buildings and structure and the engineering behind them and what that means to the students. Exercises include making skyscrapers, bridges, and castles, and more. Students will test their creations to ensure the meet our engineering standards, which might include castle strength, skyscraper stability, or bridge sturdiness.

This courses transitions kids from simply following instructions to becoming problem formulators and problem solvers.
The courses teaches engineering vocabulary, and construction skills.
Exercises reinforce all aspects the Engineering Design Process, such as problem definition, planning, testing, and refining solutions.
Students learn core structural engineering – asking the right questions, how to build from simple blueprints, building to scale, to testing and refining.
The course also encourages students to design their own use-cases that tell how their creation solves a problem and to then present those stories to the class.
Each student uses their own kit.

Cooking Around the World - Tiny Chefs

It is said that if you want to learn about a country you should start with the food. So during this class, our Tiny and Gourmet Chefs will learn how to create the cuisines of multiple countries. We will be cooking up some of the fabulous flavors of Italian, Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican & French foods and also learning about some of the cooking techniques & ingredients that make them unique. Come join us as we expand our world and our palates!