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The Oakridge PTA is excited to offer an after school enrichment program for its students! We have three exciting sessions planned - Fall, Winter and Spring - with lots of great classes to choose from in each one. On this site you'll find all the information about program procedures, class descriptions and details you need to participate. Whether you are looking for sports, drama, arts and crafts, technology, science or hobbies, there's something here for everyone. SO go exploring and see what you want to learn!

Transition from school to enrichment programs:

Children 2nd-5th will be dismissed to their instructors assigned room, unescorted. The Kindergarten teachers will escort the Kindergartners to their enrichment club. The Parent Volunteer will pick up 1st graders, as well as ASE students, from Extended Day and escort them to their class location. Quick attendance for all bus students is appreciated in order to catch club students before the buses depart the school.

Hip Hop All Stars, Adrenaline Dance Force - $99

Adrenaline Dance Force brings an amazing hip hop class to you! Each class starts with a warm up line dance and stretching; leading into strength training, skills and a session routine. Our hip hop coaches are current or former college and professional dancers! Classes are divided by age levels depending on size. Our instructors incorporate age appropriate music and choreography while creating a fun, energetic experience! Each student will receive our annual tee-shirt and each session will conclude with a showcase for parents and friends! 

Silver Knights Chess, Silver Knights Enrichment - $118

Learn chess from a Silver Knights chess coach! State and national champions have come from our programs, but most of our students are just looking to have fun! Class time is split between lesson and play. Lessons range from learning the rules to advanced tournament strategies, depending on the student's skill level. Play time is structured to pair each student against an opponent of similar skill. All grades and skill levels are welcome. Silver Knights will supply all the equipment during chess club. Students will have the opportunity to play in tournaments.

Zen Budo Karate, Zen Budo Karate - $124

Zen Budo Karate is a holistic martial arts program that combines meditation, yoga, bullying prevention tactics, realistic self-defense and traditional Karate training. The emphasis in our teaching is on partner work participation, rather than the imitation of the instructor. Students learn pressure points, joint locks, throws, kicks, punches, how to escape grabs, and defensive tactics. Uniform: The student must wear a karate uniform and belt at all times in class for safety/practical purposes. Uniforms are $30, payable through our paypal link. Uniforms will be delivered to your Karate class the first or second week of class. Students that have previously attended a Zen Budo Karate class will already have a uniform and do not pay this fee. Uniforms may be exchanged at no cost if a different size is needed. Parents may get a full refund within the first two weeks for both the uniform and the class for any reason. Students that continue in Zen Budo Karate obviously do not have to pay this fee for subsequent sessions.

Cooking Classes by iCook, iCook After School - $175

iCook is a really fun, hands-on after-school cooking program for children. Our mission is simple: to help teach children to love everything about food - cooking, eating delicious and healthful dishes, learning about different cultures and stories behind the food.

Our chefs-in-training will learn how to make a variety of healthy, delicious and fun seasonal recipes. We will learn about herbs, spices and how they add flavor and aroma to the dishes. Our little chefs will "travel" to new countries and learn about their cuisines and cultures. We will master cooking safety, slicing, dicing, chopping, folding, baking, zesting, mixing and more.

Thinking Outside The BOx, Thinking Outside The BOx - $209

"A fun way of learning Creative Thinking and Problem Solving"

Do your children think they have all the answers? "Thinking Outside the BOx" is just the right thing for them!

This class will give your child the opportunity to learn how to think on their feet and spend time in a wonderfully stimulating and creative environment while learning how to tackle challenging problems.

The class usually starts with a brain warm up question or challenge, followed by a presentation and open discussion on a specific concept/topic, such as brainstorming, team building, problem solving, creativity learning, leadership development, etc and normally ends with a subject related hands-on project or activity, individual or team oriented.

Children use their imagination to build and create all sorts of contraptions, structures, bridges, vehicles, creatures, etc out of all kind of materials such as pasta, marshmallows, candy, straws, toothpicks, elastic bands, paper, clay, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, bubble wrap, yarn, duck tape, card board, tissues, etc.

They are introduced to specific individual and group brainstorming techniques such as the "time travel", "mind map", " Venn diagram", "superpowers", "SWOT analysis, "stepladder", "brain writing", etc, They learn about the basics of problem solving and conflict resolution, they apply creativity development theories and techniques such as the "De Bono Six Thinking Hats" method of parallel thinking and the "SCAMPER" model of teaching creativity by Bob Eberle. We talk about the different skills of leadership and the crucial relationship amongst effective communication, trust and leadership. 

The students have the opportunity to lead and participate in group brainstorm sessions, gather, organize and discuss the answers from their team mates, practice problem solving, conflict resolution and lead the team to a consensus and final decision.They work on and solve, individually or in a team, challenging problems and activities such as "the human knot", the "egg drop" the egg crash" ," the paper fold", "the blind walk, "the balloon toss", etc.

Most importantly, they will have fun and apply their creative and critical thinking while learning crucial concepts and skills for our new digital increasingly complex and challenging world.

Love the Ball Soccer Academy, Love the Ball Sports - $127

Our Soccer Academy is based on training methods and techniques from professional academies in the United Kingdom. Every player will have their own ball for the majority of the session as we work on drills moves and skills. Sessions will always finish with small sided scrimmages such as 1v1's or 2v2's to put into practice the games and drills that have been worked on throughout the session.

Sketching, Karen Elliott - $126

In this popular class, students will use their natural, creative talents to translate objects from 3D to 2D with black and/or colored pencils. Taxidermy animals, plants, shells, tools...a multitude of items from nature will take life in students' sketchbooks over the course of the session. Many studies have shown that sketching helps develop organizational skills, fine motor skills and processing speeds. Students also build self-esteem and self-confidence as their sketching abilities grow during the class. In addition to sketching, we also share art history images and lessons, play fun drawing games, take our sketchbooks outside for inspiration, and find a million ways to learn from one another! Many students repeat the class for multiple sessions because we are always learning new skills and improving our abilities. I help students become better students, and they help me become a better teacher!

Spy Training, Steam Kidz Lab - $175

In our forensic science program, kids learn to be secret spies! We will dust for fingerprints, build booby traps, create disguises, write secret codes, see around corners, listen through walls, discover evidence and lots more! Educational value: creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork, chemistry, physics, life science, engineering and forensics.

Arts and Crafts Sampler, P.S.-Karma - $185

This class will provide samples of different forms of art and crafts. Students will create hair bows/bow ties, paintings, duct/washi tape art, sensory jars, t-shirts, coffee mugs & more! Our focus is to build fine motor skills, self-co