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The Mountain View PTO is excited to offer an after school enrichment program for its students! We have two exciting sessions planned - Fall and Spring - with lots of great classes to choose from in each one. On this site you'll find all the information about program procedures, class descriptions and details you need to participate. Whether you are looking for sports, drama, arts and crafts, technology, science or hobbies, there's something here for everyone. Please click on “View all Courses” button below during Open Registration to register. SO go exploring and see what you want to learn!

Transition from school to enrichment programs:

Morning classes: Parents will escort their children into the school and drop-off directly to instructor in the class location.

Afternoon classes: Students will be dismissed directly (including those who participate in SACC) to the gym. The On-Site Coordinator will supervise the students until the instructor arrives.

For questions about scholarships please contact

STEM Challenge using LEGO® Materials, Play-Well TEKnologies - $132

Master your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as: Catapults, Pneumatic Cranes, Arch Bridges, and Battletracks! Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. An experienced instructor will challenge new and returning students to engineer at the next level. There are no prerequisites for this course and each season's session will feature unique projects, STEM concepts, and new adventures!

Premier Soccer, Soccer Shots DMV - $113

Soccer Shots Premier focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction. Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Poppin Piano, Learn Now Music - $146

Students will participate in an beginner ensemble music group.
Students will learn about the instrument, how to read musical notation as well as how to participate in a group. Students are provided with FREE instrument rentals to TAKE HOME with them for the entire session! Parents will be invited to a Parent Day on the last day of class.  Rental Instruments must be returned at the last class.

Coder Kids Game Builder: Video Game Maker, Coder Kids - $150

In Video Game Maker, our youngest Coder Kids embark on their journey to computer science mastery. Coder Kids discover computer science concepts like sequences, conditionals, loops by creating video games in Scratch Jr. Coder Kids will complete projects including a bubble popping game, a relay race game, and a potion making game. For our older Coder Kids, they will build their own action video games using Scratch. Coder Kids will create their own sprites, backgrounds, and power-ups for their games. Coder Kids will also learn to write code to create enemies in their games and variables to keep score. All Coder Kids will complete the course with a final project of their own design.

Chess Class, Snow's Chess Academy - $86

This chess class is designed for players who at least know the most basic rules of chess. They will be taught principles of Chess Openings, Middlegames and Endgame play. Fun, low pressure chess play and learning environment, supervised and taught by experienced US Chess Federation members. Fundamentals of opening middlegame and endgame play are included. Ability to pay close attention is helpful.

Cheer, Cheers to You - $91

Cheers to You is a fun recreational cheerleading class. We learn basic cheerleading arm motions, jumps, and dance routines set to music. Class fee includes Cheer T-shirt, matching hair bow, & award show! Our goal is to get active, include all students, and have school team spirit!

Little Veterinarian School - Top Dog!, Little Medical School of Northern VA - $140

In this course students will learn about the different jobs in the Veterinarian’s office, discuss different types of radiographs, how they are taken and how to read them, be able to name, label and explain the digestive organs, and what happens when a foreign body is stuck in the digestive tract, be able to differentiate the different types of dog body language, name and label the parts of a dogs eye, recognize types of eye abrasions and how they are treated and discuss dog vision, discuss what it takes to become a Vet and types of Veterinary careers. Students go home with vet office worksheet, ruler, dog anatomy worksheet, laminated x-ray and wax pencil, dog body language worksheet, eye worksheet and model, and a plush dog.

Yoga, Love the Ball Sports - $107

In our yoga class kids will improve strength, flexibility, and coordination all while learning the joys of yoga. Throughout the class students will focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. They will also learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses, partner and group poses, lots of yoga games and breathing.


In this project-based course Coder Kids create games with their own code that interact dynamically with hardware sensors like accelerometers. Coder Kids learn how to connect their code to Micro:Bit hardware sensors, to control the sensors with their visual programming code and to use the inputs from the sensors to dynamically change game-play in their games.