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Oakton Elementary
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About Oakton Elementary

The Oakton  PTA is excited to offer a BEFORE school enrichment program for its students! We have an exciting session planned  for Spring - with lots of great classes to choose from. On this site you'll find all the information about program procedures, class descriptions and details you need to participate. Whether you are looking for sports, drama, arts and crafts, technology, science or hobbies, there's something here for everyone.

All Oakton Parents will need to create a NEW username and password

For questions, please reach out to Lori at

Multi Sport (Dodgeball & Flag Football) Combo

This program incorporates two of the most popular sports out there. Each week students will alternate between flag football and dodge ball, both sports are non contact, team orientated and fun, ticking pretty much every box in any students sporting pursuits.


Learn chess from a Silver Knights chess coach! State and national champions have come from our programs, but most of our students are just looking to have fun! Class time is split between lesson and play. Lessons range from learning the rules to advanced tournament strategies, depending on the student's skill level. Play time is structured to pair each student against an opponent of similar skill. All grades and skill levels are welcome. Silver Knights will supply all the equipment during chess club. Students will have the opportunity to play in tournaments.

Basketball Academy

The Love the Ball basketball academy will take your game to the next level. All players will have a basketball at all times which will drastically improve their fundamentals while we play games like king of the court, knockout and farmers and foxes. Advanced skills will also be taught like free throw shooting, crossovers and much more.

Hip Hop Variety

Coed Hip Hop is focused around exciting dance activities as well as learning Hip Hop choreography. Dancers will learn the foundations of Hip Hop, which include Top Rock, Locking, Popping, Transitions and Freezes. Students will improve balance, increase memory and build musicality by expressing themselves in creative games and cypher sessions.


Ignite Sports Tumbling is designed to teach and develop the basics of tumbling in a safe and fun environment. Through fitness skills, tumbling skills, and exciting exercise games each participant will build confidence, coordination, and learn how to tumble and stretch safely while having a blast! Each child learns at their own pace and our coach works with each child to ensure continued progress!