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The Fox Mill PTA is excited to offer an after school enrichment program for its students! We have three exciting sessions planned - Fall, Winter and Spring - with lots of great classes to choose from in each one. On this site you'll find all the information about program procedures, class descriptions and details you need to participate. Whether you are looking for sports, drama, arts and crafts, technology, science or hobbies, there's something here for everyone. Please click on “View all Courses” button below during Open Registration to register. SO go exploring and see what you want to learn!

Transition from school to enrichment programs:

Students will be dismissed from class to the location of the class where the enrichment instructor must be ready to greet them. Once the enrichment instructor meets the students at the designated location, the instructor takes attendance and ensures everyone is present.
*Kindergarteners will be brought to the cafeteria. Instructors must meet K students at the cafeteria and bring them to their designated class.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN 9/30/19 7:00 AM UNTIL 10/9/19 11:59 PM

Class Descriptions

3D Printing - STEM exCEL $141

3D Printing is a premiere class that not only teaches students how to create 3D models from an artistic standpoint, but also teaches them from an engineering standpoint. Because the models will be printed, our instructors teach students what to consider in the construction of the model to produce the best-quality print. Students will observe a 3D Printer during each lesson to learn proper 3D printing standards and processes, all while creating their own models that will be printed for them. The course ends with students taking home their own accounts so they may continue modeling at home, along with at least 4 model prints they designed themselves during their time with us.

Chess - Snow's Chess Academy $76

This chess class is designed for players who at least know the most basic rules of chess. They will be taught principles of Chess Openings, Middlegames and Endgame play.
Fun, low pressure chess play and learning environment, supervised and taught by experienced US Chess Federation members. Fundamentals of opening middlegame and endgame play are included. Ability to pay close attention is helpful.

Beginner Ensemble (Piano,Guitar, Violin & Drum) - Learn Music Now $135

Students will participate in an beginner ensemble music group. Students may choose which instrument to play during the session – piano, guitar, violin or drums. Students will learn about the instrument, how to read musical notation as well as how to participate in a group. Students are provided with FREE instrument rentals to TAKE HOME with them for the entire session! Parents will be invited to a “Parent Day” on the last day of class. Rental Instruments must be returned at the last class. 

Hip Hop All Stars - Adrenaline Dance Force $92

Adrenaline Dance Force brings an amazing hip hop class to you! Each class starts with a warm up line dance and stretching; leading into strength training, skills and a session routine. Our hip hop coaches are current or former college and professional dancers! Classes are divided by age levels depending on size. Our instructors incorporate age appropriate music and choreography while creating a fun, energetic experience! Each student will receive our annual tee-shirt and each session will conclude with a showcase for parents and friends! 

Shogi Club - Robert Slate $45

Japanese chess, or shogi, is one of Japan's most popular board games. Shogi is the only variation of chess in which each player may drop captured pieces on the board as one's own. This unique rule gives the game greater complexity and depth than Western chess, allowing for very exciting and dynamic gameplay. While shogi has long been considered a game for adults, shogi is increasingly used in Japan and China to train children to improve their concentration and thinking skills.

Club Approach to Teaching: The Fox Mill Shogi Club uses the popular Dobutsu Shogi (also known as "Let's Catch the Lion") sets to help transition students to the traditional game in a fun way. The game is won when a player catches the lion or enters the other player's territory with the lion. The club organizer and other parent volunteers who know shogi rules and gameplay will assist in helping new students to transition to the traditional set. Some new students may want to start using the traditional sets right away, which is also encouraged. Students who attended the Spring session will continue to learn tactics, strategy, and standard sequences of moves (joseki).

Robotics: Wheeliebots - Silver Knights Enrichment $190

Silver Knights Robotics uses LEGO® WeDo 2.0 in our enrichment classes. Each session includes different projects so material doesn’t repeat. WheelieBots is full of robots with, you guessed it, wheels! Build bots to roll and race. Learn how gear changes can make your rolling wonder faster or more powerful. In this fun unit you will build a mini- truck, the Sphinx, and the Wall Tracer which actually traces around any object!

Basketball Academy - Love the Ball Sports $118

The Love the Ball basketball academy will take your game to the next level. All players will have a basketball at all times which will drastically improve their fundamentals while we play games like king of the court, knockout and farmers and foxes. Advanced skills will also be taught like free throw shooting, crossovers and much more.

Electronics with Minecraft Redstone - STEM exCEL $162

STEM exCEL's Electronics with Minecraft Redstone allows students to explore electronics in a virtual world with essentially infinite resources. Using Minecraft's Redstone blocks, which act as wires on a breadboard, students can build constructs representing electrical circuits and simple computer projects that are built in the real world. This course is a great precursor to understand real circuitry, electronics and electrical theory. This course allows students to gain an understanding of how computers are processing commands as they move on to other computer science studies, and take home their Redstone creations at the ends of the course.

Acting and Physical Theatre - Educational Theatre Company $121

Fine tune your acting skills with ETC! Students will create complex characters for the stage through vocal technique and physical movement. Using improvisation, physical exploration, scene creation, and acting tactics, students will gain team building skills and overall confidence. They will have the opportunity to rehearse scenes with their peers or collaborate and create their own. Friends and family are invited to a sharing of the scenes on the last day of class.