Artistic Drawing with Young Rembrandts (Loudoun/Fairfax) (Grades 4-6)

Encourage your child’s enthusiasm for art and help develop his or her drawing skills with a Young Rembrandts drawing class. Young Rembrandts™ Drawing curriculum uses a structured stepwise format to teach elementary students useful drawing skills, while developing creative thinking strategies. Students deconstruct complex objects into familiar shapes; then use problem-solving and imagination to make their own works of art. Innovative reasoning skills are developed through creativity, collaborative communication, and critical thinking. A variety of engaging images challenge students with realistic, abstract and graphic art styles. Our Artistic Drawing curriculum develops academically relevant skills, including spatial-motor planning, mental discipline and fine motor skills, while providing a fun, enriching experience for our students. New lesson every week with six-year curriculum! Students never see a repeat lesson while enrolled from kindergarten to 6th grade.

Young Rembrandts of Loudoun/Fairfax

Young Rembrandts is the intelligent art choice. We provide fun and educational drawing classes for children to encourage process learning and develop critical thinking skills. In our structured and purposeful drawing classes, we break down complex objects into familiar shapes, and use problem solving skills and imagination to compose them into individual works of art. Students learn best through multi-sensory modalities, and drawing encourages sensory integration through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. Every child can draw, and art skills improve holistic, innovative learning, self-confidence, support academic and emotional development. Our teachers encourage each child to develop mental discipline, express their individual vision, build on basic drawing skills, and improve motor-spatial reasoning in a fun, creative environment. Young Rembrandts students learn critical thinking skills that help them process complex information, to give them an innovative leadership advantage. At Young Rembrandts, we believe in the power, the passion and the significance of art for children’s personal growth and academic advantage! Lessons are NEW every week, every session, and are never repeated, so that students can learn something different each session, and progress in their skills. Each session includes a new variety of images, themes and styles, designed to engage students, and encourage art appreciation and knowledge.

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  Young Rembrandts of Loudoun/Fairfax

Fairfax Villa Elementary
Wednesdays, Oct 9 - Dec 4
4:15 - 5:15 PM

  No Class Nov 27


Grades   4th - 6th

Price: $ 136 00

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