In Robotics Foundations Coder Kids learn computer science concepts and computational thinking by writing their own code to program how their robots move and interact with the physical world.

Coder Kids that complete this course will be able to use and understand sequences, conditionals, for-loops, data types, and functions. They will be able to write new programs and troubleshoot their code for bugs.

Designed for early readers.

Discovering coding & what coding means
Sequences, extra turns & debugging
Making sequences
Conditionals & changing directions
Advanced sequences & debugging loops
Final Project

Every Coder Kids course is built in accordance with the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Computer Science Standards. In Introduction to Coding the standards that Coder Kids will achieve include:

- Construct and execute algorithms (sets of step-by-step instructions) that include sequencing and simple loops to accomplish a task, both independently and collaboratively, with or without a computing device.
- Analyze and debug (fix) an algorithm that includes sequencing and simple loops, with or without a computing device.
- Use numbers or other symbols to represent data (e.g., thumbs up/down for yes/no, color by number, arrows for direction, encoding/decoding a word using numbers or pictographs).
- Construct programs, to accomplish a task or as a means of creative expression, which include sequencing, events, and simple loops, using a block-based visual programming language, both independently and collaboratively.

Coder Kids

In creating apps, games, interactive animations, and websites with their own code, Coder Kids learn strategies for analyzing, designing, and collaborating — essential skills for the 21st century.

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Grades   3rd - 6th

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