Spy Academy

Learn the science behind spying! Try to defeat a laser security grid. Learn how night vision gear works and try it out. Learn code-writing and breaking and how satellite surveillance is used not just for spying, but also for scientific research.

Our spy academy trainees will learn the physics behind laser light and bend laser beams through water. They'll also do cool chemistry- learning how to make their own "poison detector" that changes color in the presence of acid, making a polymer that can be used to copy keys to secure rooms, and of course learning several methods to make invisible ink! We'll talk about electricity and make our own tripwire alarm that goes off when an electric circuit is broken. And we'll learn how to lift "invisible" fingerprints from scanners to access biometric locks!

The Science Place

The Science Place brings hands-on science to you! Our focus is on experiential learning for all students. Students don’t just watch experiments- they do their own. Our motto is: “At The Science Place, everyone participates and everyone learns!” All of our programs are designed and written by scientists, and complement and expand on STEM standards of learning. We emphasize hands-on learning and the development of independent, creative thinking. We challenge our students with real-world scientific questions and teach them problem-solving and troubleshooting skills based on the scientific method. The Science Place offers after-school science enrichment programs, in-school science field trips, and customized programs for schools with outdoor classrooms or other learning needs.

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  The Science Place

Fairfax Villa Elementary
Mondays, Oct 7 - Dec 2
4:15 - 5:15 PM

  No Class Oct 14 & Nov 4


Grades   K - 6th

Price: $ 116 00

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