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Cooking Classes by iCook

Enrichment Matters Online -
2020-2021 Online

Join us for a fully-immersive virtual cooking program for our young chefs. This fall, our chefs-in-training will learn how to make delicious and nutritious recipes using fresh and colorful ingredients. We will travel across the globe to learn about cuisine and traditions. We will learn about fresh herbs and spices and how they enhance the aroma and flavors of our dishes. We will master cooking safety, slicing, dicing, chopping, folding, baking, zesting, mixing, and more! iCook is where delicious meets nutritious!

Our cooking classes involve real-life cooking with kitchen tools, oven and blender so caregiver supervision maybe be necessary. It is up to parents to determine the level of their participation or supervision based on their little chef’s experience, maturity and abilities. However, only adults should handle hot or sharp objects (knives, blender, oven). We recommend the use of plastic kid-safe knives.

This class will take place on zoom. 

iCook After School

iCook provides fun hands-on after-school cooking classes for children. Our mission is simple: to help teach children to love everything about food – cooking, eating delicious and healthy dishes and learning about different cultures. WHAT DO WE TEACH? Culinary Skills - Culinary skills are at the core of our program. We teach students how to chop, dice, peel, slice, wash, strain, core, bake, toast, whisk, fold and mix. We also teach students how to read recipes and how to measure ingredients. We make it so that recipe preparation (and clean-up) is easy and fun! Nutrition - Delicious and healthy recipes are a key ingredient of every cooking class. Our instructors discuss nutrition in a really fun way so that students get excited about nutrition and healthy food overall. The goal is also to encourage students to talk it up at home and share key nutrition facts and food nuggets they learned in class. Culture of food - Cultural awareness is an important part of our program. Our schools are ethnically diverse so we carefully select recipes that expose students to the foods and dishes of other countries. Our instructors share interesting facts about world cuisine and encourage students to share their own cultural food experiences with classmates.


  iCook After School

Enrichment Matters Online
Saturdays, Oct 17 - Nov 7
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Grades   K - 6th

Price: $ 48 00
Registration begins  
Sep. 28th at 8:00 AM