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Mudskippers Pottery

Enrichment Matters Online -
2020-2021 Online

Join us as we explore the exciting world of pottery! Each session, students will learn pottery techniques as they tackle new projects. Every assignment is inspired by famous artwork that is sure to spark your child's imagination. Come see why this tactile medium makes for a great escape! 

Items needed: 

Blank paper 


Dark Marker 

Plastic knife/butter knife 

Small paintbrush

Acrylic paints (gloss preferred) 

Air Dry Clay 

This class will take place on zoom. 

Mudskippers Pottery

Mudskippers Pottery is a family run pottery studio that specializes in ceramic education. Our instructors expand students' knowledge and creativity. Each project is grounded in an historical artwork, submersing students in history and culture. Our instructors help students hone their fine motor skills through hand building and glazing pottery. The 3D medium teaches students to use problem solving skills to address form and structure. Our instructors have a combined 60 years of teaching and art experience! Mudskippers Pottery will bring their convenient mobile studio to your school with all the advantages of a professional studio.


  Mudskippers Pottery

Enrichment Matters Online
Mondays, Oct 12 - Nov 2
5:00 - 6:00 PM


Grades   3rd - 9th

Price: $ 70 00
Registration begins  
Sep. 28th at 8:00 AM