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Drawing 1: The power in a pencil

Enrichment Matters Online -
2020-2021 Online

The perfect beginner class for budding artists! There is so much power in a pencil! This four-week session is designed to introduce children to foundational drawing concepts. We will explore line, value, proportion, shape vs. form, and learn to use shading to bring life to our drawings. With these skills, children will gain the confidence to express themselves creatively for a lifetime! Students will have the opportunity to engage and share their creations.

The materials needed for this course are minimal. Two sharp #2 pencils, several sheets of plain white paper, an eraser, and a good pencil sharpener. All-metal pencil sharpeners are the most reliable.

This class will take place on zoom. 

Clean Water Crafts

Clean Water Crafts is dedicated to bringing engaging, fun, and refreshing virtual art lessons to aspiring young artists everywhere! In a CWC virtual art lesson, your child can make new friends, exchange ideas, and learn skills that last a lifetime.

Art is one of the greatest gifts we have as humans. It helps us to understand and interpret the world around us. We can use art to express ourselves in a healthy way. Creating art builds confidence and relieves stress. Watching skills develop over time gives children a much-needed sense of accomplishment and a good foundation for a lifetime of art appreciation. Gathering in a virtual creative space where students can collaborate fosters social emotional learning. Caring and joyful interaction between the students and instructor make these lessons extra special. 


  Clean Water Crafts

Enrichment Matters Online
Mondays, Oct 12 - Nov 2
4:00 - 4:45 PM


Grades   3rd - 6th

Price: $ 100 00
Registration begins  
Sep. 28th at 8:00 AM