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Entrepreneurs Club

Enrichment Matters Online -
2020-2021 Online

If you like “Shark Tank,” this interactive online program is for you! 

Join other intrepid students and learn what it takes to launch your own business. students build self-confidence while developing business skills in strategy, marketing and finance. They select a business idea, learn to develop a business plan and make a pitch presentation on the last day. students even create a real website and design their own business cards!

This class will take place on zoom. 

SPARK Business Academy

A partner to most of the area's top schools since 2013 and an EM partner since 2014, SPARK business academy is an innovative educational organization dedicated to promoting financial literacy and entrepreneurship among young students, from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Our financial education programs have been praised as pioneering by leading business publications (including Business Week, Bloomberg TV and international newspapers) and local parents.

SPARK is the trusted provider of financial literacy programs at most schools in Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, Loudoun, Montgomery county and Washington DC, running over 300 classes and inspiring over 4,000 students annually. Our unique classes empower kids with the tools and mindset to make sound financial decisions and develop into responsible global citizens. Our programs are successful because they are fun (a must to keep students engaged), educational and unique! Financial literacy is a key 21st-century life skill that will give students an edge in life!

At SPARK, we believe that financially literate students will be more likely to become financially literate adults and avoid some of the costly financial mistakes made by prior generations. SPARK is an active member of the community that donates to schools' auctions and fundraising efforts, participates in PTA meetings as expert guest speaker, and hosts innovative summer camps to promote financial literacy.

Visit our website at to learn more!


  SPARK Business Academy

Enrichment Matters Online
Mondays, Oct 12 - Nov 2
9:30 - 10:30 AM


Grades   3rd - 6th

Price: $ 60 00
Registration begins  
Sep. 28th at 8:00 AM