Grade K-5 class. Students will participate in an beginner ensemble music group, learning the piano. Students will learn about the instrument, how to read musical notation as well as how to participate in a group. Students are provided with FREE instrument rentals to TAKE HOME with them for the entire session! Parents will be invited to a “Parent Day” on the last day of class. Rental Instruments must be returned at the last class.

Learn Now Music

LNM has been servicing the area for over 17 years!

Our mission is to Create a Positive Musical Experience!

We offer Classes for Grades K-6 Group Piano, Group Guitar, Group Drums, Group Violin and our VERY popular Ensemble Class which combines all four of the instruments.

For most of our students, this will be their first musical group. We strive to have a fun class that allows students to achieve musical learning and experience that will lay the foundation for continued life-long involvement in the arts.

LNM's director has over 25 years experience teaching and writing curriculum for not only LNM but for school districts and the Board of Education. Our LNM specialized curriculum allows for students to systematically learn the concepts of playing in a beginning group and gives them the knowledge needed to read musical notation, etc.

Students do not have the opportunity to effectively learn if they do not have the ability to take real instruments home with them to practice and explore in between classes. With this idea in mind - Students are provided with FREE instrument rentals to TAKE HOME with them for the entire session! Students will use the instruments in class and then bring them home to practice and explore in between.

Parents are invited to a "Parent Day" at the last class to experience a sample of what the students are exploring in the group.

LNM is a Sponsor of the MCCPTA and a participant with the NOVA PTA (servicing ACPS, APS, FCPS, PWCS & Loudoun Counties, etc. ), LNM is also on the FCPS Approved Vendor List and is a CHAMPION Sponsor of the FCCPTA!

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  Learn Now Music

St. Peter's Catholic School
Thursdays, Nov 14 - Jan 9
3:00 - 4:00 PM

  No Class Nov 28, Dec 26 & Jan 2


Grades   K - 5th

Price: $ 137 00

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